The Path to Health and Wealth

Going down the wrong path can be scary! However, taking the steps to improve my health AND wealth is necessary to achieve my goals. Therefore, I must follow the path that leads to success. Yours may look different, but you must take the proper steps. On my walk the other day, I took a wrong turn and ended up on this path that was really tough! It was a lot of hiking off-trail and uphill. That’s how it’s felt trying to create success online.

Though trying and trying and trying, over and over again, I’ve never been successful. This time is different. Why? Because I am following the paths that other successful people have taken. Mentors such as Mack Mills and Dean Holland have laid out the steps in detail and all I have to do is duplicate them.

No Need to Figure it Out Alone

For several years, beginning around 2010, I tried many different ways to make money online. Sure, I made a few bucks here and there, but not enough to stick with any one method or program. Somewhere around 2013, I found my love of writing along with a way to get paid to do so. I made a bit more money than before, but still nothing to brag about. I believe the biggest payout was an article that took me 2 days to write and I made $250. Not too shabby. However, that was short-lived as the market got flooded with writers will to create for pennies.

Fast forward to 2018. I found online work as a customer service rep for industries such as Carnival Cruises, Home Depot, and then Zillow. But these were regular jobs which has never been something I was good at; entrepreneurial at heart, I knew there was something more! So I never gave up.

I dabbled with affiliate marketing for a while, but still not making any waves. Nor building my bank account!

Then I came across a guy named Mack and began following his lead. Then I came across Dean and joined his step-by-step blueprint. Working through these 2 proven systems has literally shown me, took me by the hand, and walked me down the paths to grow my income. There is absolutely no reason to keep trying to figure it out when somebody else has already done that! I wish I had found someone years ago that could show me the way. Now the path is easier; it’s paved, fairly flat, and easy to navigate. Unlike my workout walk the other day.

Investing in Myself

How true is that statement, huh? If you don’t invest in yourself, you will never grow. I finally got it. I had to take the time to work on ME! I had to invest in myself with not only time, money too.

Wait! I don’t have the money! I hear you. I didn’t either. But don’t people spend 10s of thousands of dollars on higher education? And how many graduates struggle finding a job? Or how many find a job, but hate it? And how many people suffer because they don’t know there are any other options?

NOT ME! Yes, I have a university degree, but it never got me anywhere. But I knew there was another way. And I found it! And I found a way to invest the moolah needed for me! I decided to leverage my credit to gain the skills to succeed online.

Beginning at the Beginning

So here I go! I have jumped out of the plane and now the parachute has appeared. The proverbial parachute is my mentors.

I’ve taken the first steps on my path, invested in myself (time and money), and am on my way to my goals! Sometimes it takes a leap of faith and that is exactly what I have done. My God is my rock and is guiding me down these new paths. And by finding the right mentors, success is the only option!

How does it all begin? As another strong internet marketer, Daniel Kump, says:

  • Work on you first
  • Build a list of potential buyers (more on this in another post)
  • Follow up (with your potential buyers, or leads)

Join me on this journey as I show you how it’s done. I am learning from the best and I want you to see it done through my eyes.

Okay, I get the wealth part. But what does this have to do with health? Great question! Remember Daniel’s list above? Work on YOU first. That is not just the learning and self-improvement books I read. It is also about taking care of my health. And here is what I am doing to incorporate both aspects: 75 Hard!

The premise of the program is to build mental toughness to succeed at anything. This is now what I do everyday:

  • Do some form of exercise 2 times a day for 45 minutes. And 1 HAS to be outside!
  • Take a progress picture of myself EVERY day!
  • Read at least 10 pages of a self-improvement book every day!
  • Drink 1 gallon of water, not soda or coffee, water every day!
  • Follow a diet, any diet, every day!
  • No cheat meals nor alcohol or you have to start over at day 1!

NO EXCUSES! NOBODY CARES! If you cheat it only hurts yourself. Remember, it’s about building mental toughness. How can you succeed at anything if you can’t follow a few simple tasks each and every day?

I’m on my third attempt! Day 1! Yes, the tasks aren’t hard, but following them EVERY SINGLE DAY can be!

Here’s to your success! Peace to you. And above all, have faith that you too can achieve greatness!


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