Is Affiliate Marketing for Me?

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t…you’re right!”

~Henry Ford

Mindset and Affiliate Marketing

I don’t always remember the right quote posted above, but I do remember that if I think I can, I can! It doesn’t matter what subject to put into that phrase (I think I can learn a foreign language, I think I can lose weight, I think I can succeed at affiliate marketing), your mindset and focus will determine your outcome or level of success.

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Mindset is the tool that successful people utilize to win at their chosen topic for life. It can be the light at then end of the tunnel for you! Don’t keep struggling to get by day to day. If you think you can do affiliate marketing, you can. And you can succeed! Just remember, it won’t work if you don’t do the work! If you put in the time at the right affiliate marketing program you will come out of the tunnel into the light of success!

I had an interaction with someone online the other day that got me thinking I might be doing something wrong. In general, this person was telling what I should or shouldn’t do with my business. For example, I should NOT focus on health and wealth at the same time. And I shouldn’t have set up my Facebook page the way I did. And on and on with what I was doing wrong.

Politely, I had to finally shut him down.

Not All Advice is Welcome

My philosophy is to always help those that ask. Or if I see something that might be helpful to someone I ask if I may give some advice. Never, NEVER, EVER give unsolicited advice. It is NEVER received well. Perhaps even not received at all!

So I discussed this un-asked-for advice with some other people and you know what they told me? “Do YOU!” In other words, be myself and do what makes me happy. Do what works for me. And if something is not working, then I will fail. But fail forward as it is simply a learning tool. Then I will tweak it or do something different.

Advice, when asked of the right people, can be greatly helpful in moving you forward in success. But from others it can be harmful. And even resented.

Affiliate Marketing Success

Back to whether affiliate marketing is right for you, if you create the mindset that you CAN and WILL succeed, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

STOP listening to the naysayers! Pick your path and follow it. And keep doing you!

I choose success as my topic with sub-topics of health AND wealth. Success in life to create great health and great wealth. My path is affiliate marketing of done for me funnels and tools to help me succeed.

Throughout this site are some of those specific avenues that you can follow too! If this is your path, then go for it!

How Fast do I Go?

Depends. I’m a pretty slow mover. I take in loads of information and apply it slowly. Sometimes I wish I could move faster, but that’s not me. Slow and steady wins the race for me. I do tend to jump in quickly. However, then I slowly implement my strategies, watching as each either shows success or failure. Along the way I modify and hone my skills so that I can move on to the next strategy to implement.

But I am always moving forward. Always striving to reach my goals!

But that doesn’t mean that’s everybody’s way to succeed. You may be able to absorb information and move at lightening speed! Maybe you are able to succeed at a rate that passes me by as you reach your goals quicker. And that’s great! You do YOU!

As long as you’re moving forward towards your goals, then that is great. Just keep in my that just because one strategy doesn’t work for you, don’t succumb to feeling like you’ve failed. Keep pressing on, fail forward. Meaning try another strategy. Keep learning and improving!


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