What the Health?

WTH Means More Than You Think!

WTH, WTF, and all the other acronyms for explicit phrases are not where I’m going here.

This is a health post so if you’re looking for some of my wealth information, check out another post HERE, or the home page here.

What I want to convey today is that your health is the beginning of everything else in your life. If you don’t have it, you won’t get much else. Not to say if you have a disability or other unavoidable health issue that you can’t be successful in other areas of life. If that’s you then this post is NOT for you.

This post is for those who have chosen to let their health slide, let themselves go, or simply don’t recognize the value of good health.

Success in Life Begins With Health

Let’s be transparent. I have not been successful in my health for most of my life. I’ve ‘dabbled’ in exercise even though I eat healthy most of the time. As well, my love of wine started to take its toll on my body. I was a daily wine drinker. AND overdrank most evenings. I could polish off two bottles of wine and STILL function the next day. Did I function well? Nope. Was I succeeding in life? Nope.

I was Just. Getting. By.

Now, I like to think I’m pretty smart. So why was I doing such dumb things to myself?

I finally figured out why (which is too personal to get into now), but I also figured out my ‘WHY’ to want to succeed (read more on that here)

Along with my faith in God, prayer, and meditation, the answer was clear! STOP DRINKING WINE! And take back the health God gave me. Or better to say restore the health I was given. And that’s what I did!

Path to Success

What came next is an epiphany! I knew exactly what I needed to do. It took me several tries in one month, but I finally managed to kick the daily wine ritual, find my tribe of like-minded people (in health AND wealth creation), started feeding my mind and body with healthy food. Yes, your mind needs to be fed good food, too! And lastly, get serious physical exercise.

Today I am working out twice a day. I walk every morning for 35 to 45 minutes, followed by a 10-15 minute stretch. Each afternoon I do 30-45 minutes of strength training, followed by a more intense stretching routine. I can give more advice on this down the road. For now, I will tell you to find a good program to follow. Preferably a video program to follow along.

Every evening I retire to bed early to get in at least 10 pages of reading from a self-improvement book. These books can be on becoming a better person, helping others, creating health, etc. As long as it’s helping to move me forward in a positive direction then it’s worth the read.

What’s Next?

It’s amazing all the things I know I can accomplish once I started gaining momentum in health and fitness! I’m learning to get better at planning and goal setting, as well as growing my circle; my tribe!

This is a short post, but I wanted to get things started within this blog to combine health and wealth. Success in both will be achieved if you begin with the discipline in your health. Trust me. I’ve wasted decades, yes, DECADES, of my life just getting by. NO MORE!

And YOU CAN become the best you, just as I continue to become the BEST ME!

Peace, Love, & Hugs,


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