Why Can’t I Succeed?

Why Can’t I Succeed in…

Truth is, you should be asking ‘Why don’t I Succeed’. You CAN succeed in anything you want! Whether it be your health, your finances, your relationships…whatever it is you want success in, you can have it. But there are a few things you must learn in order to get that success.

First and foremost, stop thinking and saying how unfair life is.

Life is unfair for everyone. Life’s journey is full of obstacles and punches in the gut.

However, how YOU deal with those things is key to success. Your mindset is going to show up in everything you do along this life-journey. You can’t be a victim, blaming others for your problems, AND succeed.

If there is a problem in your life start owning it, then fix it!

How to Change Mindset

Once you realize YOU are in control of how you deal with your problems, you can begin the mindset shift. Once you really understand that it is YOU that can create your success, things start becoming clear on HOW to make it happen.

Below I list a few must do’s and dont’s  to begin making your life-journey easier and more successful. I will let you do any research to really ‘get’ why these are key to gaining a better life. But do trust that they all will enhance your ability to push forward positively which opens up your mind and understanding of how to work on your mindset. This in turn will begin to create your successes in life

  • Stop watching main stream media. In fact, stop watching TV all together.
  • Read self-improvement books daily
  • Listen to positive/motivational speakers (think Tony Robbins and Tom Bilyeu)
  • Stop eating junk and start eating more fruits/vegetables
  • Start drinking a gallon of water everyday and limit alcohol use
  • Start setting aside money each week to invest in YOU
  • Create your dream goals and write them down
  • Meditate/state affirmations/build a vision board (something to visualize your dreams as a reality)
  • Exercise daily (the oxygen to the brain is quite the boost)

One More Thing…

Here’s my bit of tough love today:

The success journey isn’t easy for anyone.However, the more you stay in your self-pity, playing a victim…

The less desire and energy you’ll have to go out and accomplish the stuff that will actually give you the mindset and self-confidence that you need to succeed.

Bottom line, life isn’t fair. Quit expecting it to be.

Work on yourself, your mindset. Invest in yourself by reading self-improvement books and listening to motivational speakers. Put what you learn to action. Don’t listen to the naysayers and work on those dream goals now!

Send me an email if you want more ideas on how to get out of your rut. Tell me your story and let’s get your mindset fixed!


Peace & Abundance is Yours,


Helping YOU Become Your Best You!

Incorporating honesty, integrity, and faith in the Almighty within all aspects of business.

By God’s Grace, much has been given.. In His honor, consistently pay it forward and we all win!

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