What is the BIG MO?

Lisa's TN PropertyThe Big Mo

In a word it’s Momentum (MO for short)! Motivation and discipline are both needed, but once mastered they become momentum. It’s what successful entrepreneurs utilize to keep building and moving their business forward.

First of all, you have to know your ‘why’. And it has to be a strong ‘why’ or you won’t have the motivation to create the discipline in order to gain that big MO. Get it?

For example, you can see my why here.

Create Your Strong Why

It has to be something that gives you a reason to be doing what you’re doing. The reason why you’re not just an average Joe (or Jill). The reason why you work harder than everyone else. The reason you are creating your 10X lifestyle. (Check out the book by Grant Cardone HERE)

A strong why is your motivator that teaches you discipline!

Without it, you will never completely reach your highest potentials. Your goals will be unmet. And failure will surely be something you get used to. Then you just plain give up!

Live by the 10X Rule

By doing so you become obsessed. You become a force to be reckoned with. Your friends, family and even colleagues become jealous. They start to tell you to slow down, to take it easy, or stop acting like a maniac.

But don’t listen! EVER!

If you showing success and progressing in your business then that means you are on the right track. If you slow down or take a break, then so does your progress. Leads stop coming in, sales drop, and eventually will stop altogether.

Living by the 10X rule means you’re willing to do what others won’t. You have an unlimited supply of effort and it doesn’t cost a dime. So if you are willing to do 10X the work, using 10 times the efforts, then you WILL see 10 times the results.

And now your winning at you business.

Eventually, this 10X rule spill over into other areas of your life and your simply winning at life.

  • You give your family 10 times more attention and nurturing than others do.
  • You work on you health 10 times more than anyone you know.
  • You 10X good eating habits.
  • Your mindset is 10X better than others not succeeding.

Now you’ve got the Big MO! Keep going! You Got This!

Peace, abundance & Success,

~Lisa S.


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