About Me

Welcome! I am Lisa Silver, the creator of this site.Lisa Silver

This site was created to be a platform for my personal journey navigating the online marketing world. And if along the way I can help you make your journey easier then that’s a bonus!  Since conception of the idea back in late 2018, I’ve realized it’s more than just a learning curve. It’s a complete mindset shift! It has also become a whole lifestyle change. (See My Why).

I had started another website, but have decided it is now irrelevant for where I want to go in my journey of success in wealth. It had been more focused on success in health. Even so, I am planning on combining the two (Success in Health and Wealth) here making this my springboard for a positive lifestyle of freedom.

Though not new to working online, I’ve never been able to make more than wages by working for someone else or minimal sales from affiliate marketing. Then I found a couple of marketing geniuses, or gurus, and decided it’s time to piggyback on their success in order to find my own.

By the Grace of God, I‘ve been able to get in on some much-needed mentoring. I joined a program that is taking me by the hand and walking me through the whole process to making my first 5-figure income month within 6 months. Guaranteed!

Throughout my blog posts, you will learn more about me. For now, the basics: I was born in 1962, married to Frank, have a grown son Jake who is married to his wife Miho, they have a dog and a cat (no children planned) and I have 2 dogs of my own.

Enjoy and please leave comments on blog posts! I will respond to each one.

To freedom, health, and peace!