My Why

Learn about my ‘why’

and how long it took to begin a journey that started hundreds of times. Just know anything is possible if you just begin and keep moving forward each day to achieve the goal. It is my hope you can learn with me on this journey.Stones River

Throughout my life, I’ve started and stopped way too many times. But I’ve come to the conclusion that momentary failures don’t need to stop my progression…progression in health and fitness, progression in financial stability, and progression in building better relationships.

Creating My Why

  • I asked myself why I wanted and am committed to this fitness and financial journey: To become as fit as possible and have mental health and clarity, to be able to live a financially free life
  • Then I asked why again: To feel better, to look better, and live a longer life, to be able to share my wealth with others.
  • Again I ask why: To shed depression, to be productive in life, and to honor God for this body and the ability to help others.
  • One more time, why: To be independent from other’s financial, emotional, and social help. To be the giver and not the taker.
  • Finally, I asked how I was going to accomplish these: Eliminate alcohol, eat more greens and whole-food plant-based, daily physical exercise (walking, strength-training, stretching and yoga), prayer and meditation and create a way to build the bank account with online entrepreneurism.

I feel mentally and spiritually ready to begin.

Here are my life goals in general:

  • Physical: Build a body that is low in fat and high in muscle
  • Relational: Build closer ties with family and friends
  • Financial: Build my personal income to a high 6-figures

The how for the physical is the easiest. I have a yearly membership to Beach Body on Demand, which is awesome, but I’ve been watching a mentor of mine, Kim Constable, for quite some time. She is the best role model for becoming the best physical you. My intention is to model her behaviors to find success.

The how for relational is a bit harder. I’ve never been good at the verbal communication thing, so I’ll be fine-tuning this area over the next months. However, I will be eliminating any negative talk or judgments. I will be more inviting to friends and family. I will make new friends every month.

The hardest of all to achieve is financial. But I do have steps that will be put in place to that end that I’ll share more in my blog as they happen, as momentum kicks in.

This journey has been a decade in the making and this blog is to keep me accountable. I know there is nothing that can’t be achieved if the mind and heart are all in. I know there will be days of struggling to stay focused, but no longer will I give up. I ain’t getting any younger and in the words of my beloved father, “Getting old ain’t for sissies!” It is time to step up my game to see some major successful gains in the rest of my life on this rock. My true self, that whom I know is waiting to emerge, is soon in the making. Along the way, I hope I can help you to find your true self!

Peace, Hope, Faith and Love!