What is the BIG MO?

The Big Mo In a word it’s Momentum (MO for short)! Motivation and discipline are both needed, but once mastered they become momentum. It’s what successful entrepreneurs utilize to keep building and moving their business forward. First of all, you have to know your ‘why’. And it has to be a strong ‘why’ or you …

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Why Can’t I Succeed?

Why Can’t I Succeed in… Truth is, you should be asking ‘Why don’t I Succeed’. You CAN succeed in anything you want! Whether it be your health, your finances, your relationships…whatever it is you want success in, you can have it. But there are a few things you must learn in order to get that …

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What the Health?

WTH Means More Than You Think! WTH, WTF, and all the other acronyms for explicit phrases are not where I’m going here. This is a health post so if you’re looking for some of my wealth information, check out another post HERE, or the home page here. What I want to convey today is that your health …

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The Path to Health and Wealth

Going down the wrong path can be scary! However, taking the steps to improve my health AND wealth is necessary to achieve my goals. Therefore, I must follow the path that leads to success. Yours may look different, but you must take the proper steps. On my walk the other day, I took a wrong turn …

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