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A huge motto I learned from one of my streams of income team that leads to success is:

Work on you, drive traffic, and follow up!

Follow the path! Working on you is number 1! Read self-help books every day. One of my mentors reads 10 pages daily each morning. I walk daily while listening to podcasts or someone on YouTube. Do whatever works for you. If you don’t make the time for yourself, how can you make time to be a success at what it is you want??

If you are looking to become an online entrepreneur and need a proven system to get you there, then I’ve found it! But you have to be willing to invest in yourself, show up and do the work!’

Invest in myself? Does that mean I have to spend money? Sometimes, yes! But most of all the work you do on yourself is an investment of time. Yes, you might have to buy a book on self-help. However, the time investment is actually reading it. It’s not that hard, but many people don’t do this simple task. Many claim they don’t have the time. MAKE TIME! I read mostly before I go to sleep at night. Go to bed 30 minutes early and read. It may actually help you fall asleep easier.

The Buck Stops with YOU!

One thing most people do that makes them fail time and time again is give up. If you are determined you won’t give up. If you are disciplined you will succeed. Show up and do the work! It as simple as that. I’ll repeat that for those who are skimming this post: YOU MUST DO THE WORK!

Never make excuses or you will never succeed. There are 3 things that successful people have in common:

  1. Decide- the successful person made the solid decision to take on the task. Whether that task is starting a new business or getting a new job.
  2. Discipline – you must have discipline to do the work necessary to have a successful outcome.
  3. Determination – you must be determined to succeed and you will!

Everyone is busy. But we all make time for what we really want! What do you want? To quit your boring job? To be your own boss? To create your perfect physique? To become a……? You fill in the blank. Whatever it is that you want, do the work and you will succeed. Learn how to gain the 3 D’s from the list above and success will come easy.

How many times have you started something and ended up giving up because: it’s too hard, it’s not working, I can’t do it.

Or maybe you play the blame game: my spouse doesn’t support me, my kids won’t leave me alone to do the work, my boss is making me work over.

Or perhaps this rings true: I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll start when I have more time, I’ll get back to it another time.

Whatever excuses you have, STOP!

You are you’re only problem! Yes, I said it. I’ve been there. I know all the excuses why it won’t work because I’ve used them. And my biggest problem is procrastination. I’ve gotten much better at following through, but it’s still a struggle. I’m positive that this is a huge problem for many of you.

Work on you! Whether it’s self-help books, exercise, eating right, listening to podcasts, meditation, prayer, and/or visualization. Or any combination. Make up your mind now and create your success starting today! And don’t forget to grab your FREE eBook now!

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To your success and happiness,

Lisa Silver